"Chasing the Green" is the story of two brothers who became millionaires in the 1990s while still in their 20's. They were among the first to market electronic terminals for credit card transactions. They were confident and bold, and thus ignored warnings by the government to "respond" to numerous complaints regarding their practices. Ultimately, they were nearly destroyed by the FTC, who sought to demolish their company at the behest of their competitors in the industry. The FIRST EVER case brought by the FTC against an ISO (independent sales organization) in the electronic transaction processing industry!

"Chasing the Green" is about young ambition in the 1990s, and the intense desire to succeed. It is also about two independent, intensely driven men unready to accept the importance of working in an interdependent world. They learn, late in the game, that when we refuse to acknowledge the demands of others more powerful, we do so at our peril.

Our story centers on two ambitious brothers, Adam and Ross - who, with their friends, build a start-up company into a multi-million dollar empire. It follows not only their triumphs, but their antics (so many funny stories) - and their self-assured camaraderie that would later prove their undoing.

Starring Jeremy London, Ryan Hurst, Heather McComb, William Devane, Robert Picardo, Chris Gunn, Patricia Rae, Dan Grimaldi, Larry Pine, Vinny Vella, Howard Nash. A Russ Emanuel film, executive producer Craig Frankel, producer Howard Nash, IGOLF Productions, LLC. USA, 2008, HD Digital, Color, 102 minutes.